WIMSC: BBQ Pork Nachos – Updated

Modified from this recipe: http://bevcooks.com/2014/03/slow-cooker-bbq-pork-nachos/

bbqpork nachos

So what it boils down to is the simple idea that this uses a lot of fresh ingredients when serving… it’s not a meal that freezes well. Often, the pulled (insert meat here) nachos is the one dish I will start in the AM on a day when I am prepping. We love nachos, and I have discovered through doing the freezer meals that I very much enjoy putting pulled (insert meat here) on nachos.

So what I changed with this in prep and cooking goes as follows:

– added a pork rub to the loin

– added a cup and a half of water to help cook the pork. This was a mistake and why I typically end up with beef stew instead of pot roast. I’ve gotta learn to trust the recipe given to me.

It took 4 hours on high to be able to shred the meat. Low would have been the best bet, but we were under a time frame (which was not met).


I never ended up making the nachos. Had I, I likely would not have used the broiler (my broiler needs some hardcore cleaning and is currently a fire hazard), instead I would have opted to bake (which I prefer anyway, but probably only because I’m afraid of my broiler).

At any rate, it was not the best pulled pork I have ever eaten, quite possibly because I was convinced it would not cook if I did not drown it, but it also seemed to lack a specific direction – the flavor seemed to rely heavily on the BBQ sauce (I might have made a mistake by getting generic BBQ sauce), onion, and garlic. While great flavors, I think that there are a TON of flavors that could add to the meat (for instance, some sweet and hot sauce paired with a solid rub).

All things considered, based on my experience with nachos, this is a pretty solid nacho recipe. Just treat it as two separate recipes and really focus on the meat flavors. You won’t regret it!


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