Time to Prep! 1-31-15 Edition (part 2 of 3 or 4)

I always hated people who would comment on recipes with what they changed prior to cooking the meal, then RATE it base on their changes. Thankfully, this is not a place that does that. I used to try recipes as written. But as I am growing in my cooking, I do tend to change some recipes as written.. sometimes it’s to my taste, sometimes it’s to what’s in the bank account/pantry.

Did you know the Superbowl is today? I learned this fact yesterday. Which was date night.

I am currently in school and dealing with a lot of homework in addition to meal prep, house cleaning, and, you know, everything. Homework takes the highest importance behind the kid. That being said, we do need to eat to live and the crock pot meals rock for that… when I’m not in over my head with homework. Because date night is important (and we get one a month), I had to plan. The idea was to do the blogs yesterday, then do the homework in the AM today and the food prep in the PM. I did manage to accomplish these tasks, though I did not finish either. But here are the meals I did manage:

Chicken Teriyaki

chicken teriyaki

Recipe found here: http://www.cookingclassy.com/2012/05/slow-cooker-chicken-teriyaki/

The only change I made was chopping the chicken into large cubes before freezing.

Turkey with Mustard Sauce:

Recipe found here: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/slow-cooked_turkey_with_mustard_sauce/

turkey mustard

Good lord, this is an extensive recipe. I changed a lot:

– I used chicken thighs, doubled up on quantity. Froze them in the packages I bought them in.

– This took 3 gallon bags, beyond the chicken packages. I put the parsnips and carrots in one gallon freezer bag, the potatoes and onion in another, and finally the sauce in another.

– I did not brown the meat or saute the onions. Or boil the sauce. I put the spinach, parsnips, and carrots in one bag, the potatoes and onions in another.

So we’ll see! Hoping for the best.


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