Time to Prep! 1-31-15 Edition

Usually, the night before the Friday Mo gets paid, assuming we’re running low on freezer meals, I will pick out 8-9, go through what we have, and assemble a shopping list. Which I divide into meats, recipes (where I got them and their names), fresh fruits and veggies, and everything else. It looks something like this:


But, you know, not folded and not with stuff crossed out.

Anyway, so (as expected) it snowed last night into today. Now, for those of you who have followed me that are not aware of my current car situation, I drive a 1982 Toyota Tercel that has a window malfunction (it’s stuck about an inch down, we put a towel in it when expecting weather, and this is absolutely relevant… eventually).

I bundled and loaded the kiddo into the Tercel, checking most everything and warming the car before we left (thank goodness the heater works). We made it (at 35 mph) about six miles before I remembered I forgot the freaking list, 7 miles before the windshield wipers started getting icy and not giving me an easy visual. I pulled over at the bank in Tijeras, and handle my wipers. We went back home, picked up the list, and ventured back down the mountain (at 35 mph). We arrived at Smith’s.

Don’t forget your shopping list. Seriously. Also, check ALL the things you may need.

We went shopping and got everything on the list. Headed home. Got a wave of slush into my left ear and face and glasses thanks to an asshat driver who was speeding and passing on a road in which we could not see the lines.  Popped the kid in front of SpongeBob. Tossed everything in the freezer/fridge (chicken went to freezer as it was frozen prior, everything else went to fridge):


When we got home, I got the kid set up and handled the dishes in the dryer. I learned that my husband had slid off the road, but was okay (on his route). Anyway, I set out to get on prepping my meals…. until I got the first one…


Annnnnnnnd I realized that I had one gallon freezer bag. So this is my prep tonight.

The recipe is here: http://www.cookingclassy.com/2012/05/slow-cooker-chicken-teriyaki/

I put the chicken breasts (already frozen) into the main gallon bag and the sauce into another. Easy freezy.


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